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Ingredients of the Inka;
Barley, Rye, Chicory, Sugar Beets, 72% Roasted Cereals.

Inka is Caffeine Free:

Inka prides itself by being a nutritious yet caffeine-free drink. Caffeine as we know it is a stimulant that deals directly with the central nervous system. As it reaches the brain, one’s alertness and cognitive power increases sharply, thus leading to getting more-wide awake and less tired. However, being caffeine free means that the consumer can minimize the health risks of caffeine on their body. Caffeine can also cause insomnia, fast-paced heartbeat as well as an upset stomach.

Inka Stays the Consumer Away from High Blood Pressure:

Inka’s caffeine-free characteristic also stays the consumer away from high blood pressure. Not many realize that caffeine also affects blood pressure by dramatically increasing it at a brief period of time. This situation not only affect those with hypertension, but also those with no history of it. This gets possible due to two high possibilities; the first with caffeine blocking a hormone that helps to keep the arteries widened, as well as caffeine persuading the adrenal glands to release more adrenaline.

Inka Does Not Contain the Stimulants of Coffee or Tea:

Inka does not contain the stimulants found inside coffee and tea. Apart from caffeine, Inka is also thought to not contain heophylline, theobromine, as well as L-theanine. Theophylline relaxes the smooth muscles of the airway to make breathing much easier. It also stimulates the heart contractions’ rate plus force. Theobromine works somehow like theophylline; however, it is slightly more diuretic, and it improves blood circulation all throughout the body. And finally, L-theanine stimulates the production of alpha waves inside the brain. Alpha waves are what causes an improvement in alertness plus brain function.

Inka is Safe for All Ages:

The official website of Inka claimed that it is suitable even for children that are 3-years old. This is so because aside from being caffeine free, Inka is made using natural ingredients that are useful for human growth, such as barley, rye, cereals, as well as sugar beets. Not to mention that it is also enriched with vitamins and minerals such as protein and carbohydrates. This make Inka a safe yet nutritious option for everyone at every age.

Inka can also be Consumed by Pregnant Women and Breast-Feeding Mothers:

Inka’s claim of being safe for both pregnant women and breast-feeding mothers has also something to do with being caffeine free. Caffeine, especially when consumed in high dosages is hazardous to the fetus because it also has the potential to increase the fetus’ heart rate. For pregnant women, caffeine also poses risk by increasing the probability of abnormal birth weight plus miscarriages. On the other hand, Inka is good for breast-feeding mothers as a supplement for nutrients that are to be included inside mother’s milk.

Inka Has No Preservatives:

A food preservative is a substance or chemical added to foodstuff and other consumer goods to prevent decomposition due to microbial growth or any other undesirable circumstances. Among the common examples of food preservatives are benzoates, nitrites as well as sulphites. These additives, despite being safe for consumption, also pose risks of cancer, allergic reactions, resistance to antibiotics, weight gain, cardiovascular disease, among others. Thankfully, Inka has no preservatives which means that there is simply no chance for Inka’s consumers to experience the diseases above.

Inka can also be Enhanced with Fibre, Magnesium, as well as Calcium:

The product range above states that there are fibre-enriched, magnesium-enriched, as well as calcium-enriched versions of Inka. Fibre is a type of carbohydrate needed to upkeep a healthy digestive system. Foods that are high in fibre include grains, cereals, whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, oats, barley, rye, fruits, vegetables, peas, beans, as well as nuts. With the fibre-enriched Inka, one can improve and upkeep a healthy yet efficient digestion. Magnesium is a nutrient also needed by the body to stay healthy. It serves several bodily functions, such as muscular regulation, nerve function, regulating blood sugar levels, as well as making and maintaining DNA, the skeletal system plus muscles. One can now prevent magnesium deficiency with the help of magnesium-enriched Inka. And finally, calcium-enriched Inka helps us to build and maintain strong bones. Strong bones are the key to a healthy, active, productive and youthful living. And not only that, because calcium also allows the heart, muscles plus the nerves to function properly.

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