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Glass Tea / Coffee Carafe pitcher with Silver plate stand & candle warmer

It is an elegant and stylish way of bringing tea/coffee to the table. The tea light candle keeps the tea/coffee warm for hours while letting the company enjoy watching the glow of candle through the glass into the tea, it’s truly a feast to the eyes and a symphony to the palate.

4 pc mug, porcelain.

Glass Teapot

Glass Teapot with stainless steel mesh basket.
Excellent for brewing loose leaf tea. Available in three sizes. 700ml, 750ml, 1200ml

Thermos with pump, Zojirushi Supreme:

 3-Liter Air pot, Brushed Stainless Steel Made in Japan.

t-Sac: single use tea filter

Available in 4 convenient sizes .

Easy to use to make your own blends.