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Bulk Teas

Organic & Fair trade

6001 -Banaspaty

Assam black tea TGFOP1 :

Exquisite harvest of smooth little leaves scattered with golden specks.  Its brilliant copper-coloured infusion releases a full savory zest of malt and spices characteristic of the best Assam teas.  A fine, full-bodied tea.

767008 - Ceylon tradition

Black tea blend BOP & FBOP mix :

This is our most reliable standby blend: a bold black tea that can help you start your day or fuel after-dinner conversations. We make it from a variety of high-quality Ceylon teas. Available in bulk and packaged in two sizes: 250 grams (124 cups) and 400 grams (200 cups).

6003 - Selimbong Muscatel

Black tea Darjeeling FTGFOP1 org / Fair An excellent summer harvest creates the reputation of this prestigious garden. Its powerful fragrance of muscat is among the most sought out by all experts. Cup of gold with a lingering flavor of fruit and blossoms to be enjoyed in the company of friends.

6004 -Grand lapsang souchong:

Black Tea, Fujian Smoked tea, Org / Fair

Harvested once a year, this tea grows in the middle of a nature reserve and it is smoked in a traditional way. The souchong’s beautiful big leaves release a dark red liquor colour and a woody flavour that has a light spicy taste in the mouth. This tea compliments salted dishes very well.

6005 - Heavenly scent

Ceylon tea, Sri-Lanka Org / Fair :

A product of exceptional effort and industry, this tea releases a cashew-coloured infusion with an essence of green almond leaving on the palate a note of underwood evolving into flavours reminiscent of yellow fruits. A high altitude tea, only slightly bitter, for lovers of the best Ceylon teas.

6006 - Oolong

Hong bi Lou—org / Fair :

Tea delicately made in the legendary “Bi luo chun” fashion. Attractive tea that one appreciates when the weather is dull.

6007 - Jasmine spice tea

Black tea. Org / Fair

A bold marriage of traditional jasmine green tea with a selection of black teas perfumed with oriental spices. A savory epicurean temptation for all those who dare to stray from the beatpath.

6008 - Lien Son

Black tea Vietnam FOP Org / Fair

Originating from an ancient Vietnamese forest, this tea is gathered and processed by the Dao, an ethnic minority. Its dark and curling leaves release a gentle essence of malted cognac mixed with a flavor of roasted chestnuts and blossoms. Fleshy and opulent, this tea could bear a drop of milk.

6009 - Pu Erh grade 1

Black Tea, Yunnan. Org / Fair

Coming from ancient tea plants, that first quality Pu Erh, characterized by its subtle fragrance of damp earth, liberates a red orangey brew, with a faintly sweet flavour which deliciously impregnates the palate. Drunk for its salutary qualities, its low content in theine enables one to savour it at any moment.

6010 - Xiang Jiang Hei Cha

Blak tea Hunnan China Org / Fair

Amazing dark post-fermented tea! This harvest of slightly curled little leaves of a deep brown colour scattered with golden specks, in processing, develops astounding flavours. Its infusion of amber light starts off with a delicate taste taking on a gentle fullness. Flavours of fall vegetables rub shoulders with pyrogenic notes punctuated by a hint of chestnut. Peerless

767084 - Earl Grey

Ceylon black tea FBOP Org / Fair

It’s a blend full of body, bright and brisk liquor and a strong aroma. The oil of bergamot that is the heart of Earl Grey gives it that subtle citrusy undertone.

6111 - Snow dragon

Green tea Hunnan Org / Fair

Between green tea from the high plateaus and silver-pointed white tea, these lovely curling and downy leaves are gathered at the last frosts of Springtime. Lightly wok-fired, they offer a clear, fresh and subtle essence of flowers. To be experienced!

6112 - Earl Green

Bergamot. Org / Fair :

Earl Grey turned green is a satisfying aromatic brew. Green tea and Bergamot blend so naturally that this flavoursome tea can be drunk hot or cold: in short, a proper thirst quencher.

6113 – Gyokuro

Green tea Premium Japan Org / Fair :

Mythical tea… The fine emerald green needles liberate a luminous green yellow plant -scented brew. That “precious dew” with a silky and milky flavour, spiced up by an intense sweet hint in the mouth, is the finest palates’ favourite tea. Exceptional and rare crop, to be savoured!”

6114 - Jasmine Mao Feng

Green tea Hunan org / Fair :

Small dark green twisted leaves with white tips and strong floral jasmine note. The beautifully perfumed golden infusion reveals the mellow astringency coming from the green tea. Refreshing and even slightly sparkling, the infusion leaves with a sweet impression on the palate. Very enjoyable.

6115 - Mambo Mango

Enhanced green tea, Org / Fair :

Sunny cup evoking the languorous rhythm of mambo. Round and delicious, the fruity taste of mango and peach gradually leaves room for almost minty freshness of lemon, subtly enhanced by the gentle sharpness of green tea.

6116 - Scent of Medina

Green tea and mint Org / Fair :

From the Medina of Marrakesh to that of Algiers, meandering through Tunis, take a breather. National beverage in Northern Africa, this flavourful blend of delicate green tea and mint is ideal for sharing a congenial interlude. Ingredients: Green tea 70%, mint. May contain traces of nuts. Organic and fair trade

6117 - Selimbong green

Darjeeling green tea SF Org / Fair :

Beautiful harvest of green tea from a well established tea estate perched in the high plateaux of the Himalayas. Its golden limpid infusion boasts a soft fresh perfume and a delicate and slightly sweet taste. To enjoy during or after meal.

6118 - Sencha Spring

Seogwang Green Tea Org / Fair :

Originated from Jeju-do Island, a small paradise located not far from the South Korean peninsula, that excellent Sencha is the combination of the know-how of producers of Korean and Japanese tea. It’s very herbaceous and fruity flavour, highlighted with a hint of green pistachio delicately envelopes the palate. Luminous, bright yellow and fresh liqueur for a unique moment.

6219 - Oolong tea

Selimbong Summer, Darjeeling Org / Fair :

Delectable flowery oolong tea with a hint of raspberry. The orangey brew carries a refreshing and fizzy taste typical of Darjeeling teas. A subtle chestnut note reminisces of Formosa teas. Altogether, a sweet and velvety tea which is long on the palate…

48378 – English Breakfast

Black tea :

Start off the day on the right note with our comforting yet energizing blend of Darjeeling, Assam and high altitude Ceylon teas.

6220 – Oolong

Tie Guan Yin, China Hubie org / Fair :

This delicious tea with serried pearls and a bright fragrance of orchids releases a sustained flavour which combines notes of honey, hazelnuts and flowers…In China, it is said that its aroma was blessed by the goddess of compassion, Guan Yin, a bodhisattva. Enjoy without moderation.

6219 - Oolong tea

Vietnam Danang,Tra to quy Org / Fair :

Originating from same variety of tea plant as the famous Tie Guan Yin, that oolong is promising! Its light fermentation gives a flowery tea, round and creamy on the palate, with a fresh and plant bouquet followed by yellow fruit hints. That beautiful light yellow cupful creation is redolent of coconuts hints. To be enjoyed any time.

6322 – Asim Bonanga

Rooibos blend, org / Fair :

A blend as bold, colourfuland dashing as the White Zulu, Asimbonanga pays homage to the man of peace, the creator of the famous protest song.Rooibos, sweet mango and peaches contrast with tart sunny lemon in perfect harmony….Broken silenceis what i dream…! Ingredients; Rooibos 93%, Natural flavouring 4% (mango. Peach lemon oil,mangopieces.

6323 - Rooibos; Ginger Lemon

Org / Fair Caffeine Free :

Harmonious union with a fruity and faintly sparkling flayour. Round and balanced, that drink is to be enjoyed all day long. Ingredients; Rooibos 80%, Lemongrass 11%, ginger 9%.

6324 - Green Rooibos

Theine free Org / Fair Caffeine Free :

Delicate drink from South Africa not fermented. Herbaceous and light brew without theine and with a high content in vitamins. To be drunk at any time.

6325 - African freshness

Rooibos & mint theine free Org / Fair Caffeine Free :

A cool breath of the savanna. This delicious smooth -flavoured blend underlined by a cool fresh note is very palatable. Perfect after meals or as a cool drink. Ingredients: Rooibos 87%, nana mint 13% Organic and fair trade.

6326- Sounds of the Forest

Rooibos & Red berries Org /Fair Caffeine Free :

A big berry kiss!! Very fruity blend of velvety rooibos and ripen sweet wild berries…. To enjoy whenever it takes your fancy!

Ingredients; Rooibos 95%, natural flavours 4% (strawberry, wild berries, raspberry), strawberry leaves.

6327– Star Light

Rooibos Traditional flavour :

A harmonious combination between the round and sunny taste of the Rooibos of South Africa and the precious scent of spices and fruits. Like a symphony of senses, to be enjoyed with love in feront of a warm wood fire. Ingredients: Rooibos 89%, spices and fruits (orange, cinnamon, apple, rosehip, hibiscus, almond, ginger, clove. Natural flavours 3%; orange essential oil , cinnamon extract, apple, Almont, strawberry. Org / Fair

6328– With the fairies

Rooibos blend (Strawberry, vanilla), Org / Fair :

From sandy soils to the western hills of South Africa, this magical Rooibos with a fruity and sweet aroma will be a delight for children of all ages, big or small. A treat hot or cold. Ingredients; Rooibos 94%, natural flavourings 5% (strawberry, vanilla), cornflower petals

6329– Zoulu Spice

Rooibos digestive blend :

Let the healthy power of spices take control in this wonderful blend. South Africa rooibos and liquorice spices will leave you feeling as rejuvenated as if ancestral African spirits had cast a spell on you. A truly extraordinary blend which can be enjoyed at any time, hot or cold…. bewitching!, org / Fair

Ingredients: Rooibos 76%, spices 24% (anise, fennel, cumin, coriander)

6430 - White tea

Bai mu dan premium, Hunan. Org / Fair :

Picked with intimate precaution, this tea blends the Springtime sprouts and buds of soft and fleecy allure. Bright and crystalline, this infusion lingers on the palate releasing a tart, fruity aroma similar to that of a quince, accompanied by an original sweet note of carrot. A superlative yield, novel and beyond compare.

6431– Dragon Pearls

Hunan White tea, Jasmine phoenix dragon pearls, Org / Fair :

Tea of the mountain tops. Its precious and fragile tiny pearls mixed with jasmine petals, meticulously shaped, bloom into golden nectar. Suave and fresh with an incomparable sweet flowery bouquet. A delightful fullness for amateurs.

6432- White Tea

With the angels Org / Fair :

Precious beverage uniting the white tea with an entrancing flowery fragrance, enriched by the smoothness of vanilla. Succulent tangerine liqueur to be savoured all day long. For children and adults.

Ingredients; White tea 95%, Flowers 3% ( corn flower, rose, mallow, lavender, marigold, sunflower), natural flavour 2% (vanilla, rose),

6534– Christmass Tea

Traditional flavour :

Blend of High-quality black teas, decorated with petals of flowers and pieces of fruits, revealing a subtle mixture of Christmas spices. All the tastes and flavours of the first winter frost, are joined in the same savoury cup. To be enjoyed without hesitation, in front of a warm log fire.

Ingredients: Black tea 82%, Fruits and flowers (orange peels, dog rose pieces, flaked almonds), spices (cinnamons, ginger, cloves, black pepper, cardamom), natural flavours (apple, sweet orange, blood orange, cinnamon). Org / Fair

Jasmine green curls

We blend real jasmine flowers into this variety to ensure the unmistakable summery scent is infused in each whole leaf of Ceylon green tea.

49078– Matcha

Premium Organic :

Japanese tea experts know Matcha can give you that much-needed energy boost with much less caffeine. The vibrant, emerald colour remains after we’ve carefully ground the certified organic sencha green tea leaves to a fine powder.

Masala Chai

Traditional Spiced tea :

This exotic blend of High grown Ceylon Tea and carefully selected spices makes a wonderful drink that soothes almost every palate, usually sweetened with honey. The spices that give chai its taste also impart health benefits that can warm us in the cold of winter, help us to relax after a stressful day, and balance the energies of body, mind, and spirit.

Jasmine green Pearls

Dragon Pearls org / Fair :

Chinese green tea from Zhejiang Province, scented with jasmine flowers. When you infuse them in hot water, they will release the most intensely beautiful scent as they slowly unravel and come to life.

Cranberry tea

All natural, Black tea & Cranberry :

This uniquely tart fruit tea is made from Canadian cranberries and Ceylon orange pekoe grown at a high altitude. It contains no added sugar or chemicals and is brimming with nutrients.

Blueberry Tea

All Natural, Black tea & Blueberry :

This bright, fruity blend is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It combines Canadian blueberries and high-altitude Ceylon orange pekoe tea without any added sugar or chemicals

Maple Syrup tea

Black tea, Green tea & Rooibos tea :

Enjoy this tea at home or take it on your travels as the perfect souvenir from Canada. Ceylon orange pekoe tea is enhanced with natural maple syrup flavor for a smooth, lightly sweet cup.

Silver Needle

White tea :

This prized white tea is made from the rare, handselected organic whole buds of the tea plant with minimal processing. It makes for a cup with a light, delicate flavour.

Saffron Tea

Full of joy :

Experience the true taste of Persia with this exotic blend of high-altitude Ceylon black tea and real Persian saffron.

Pride of Persia

Black tea blend :

Our signature blend happens to be the one we prepare most at home. We take long-leaf, high-altitude Ceylon teas and mix them with our bergamot-infused Earl Grey blend and freshly-ground cardamom. The result is a balanced, fragrant, lightly spiced tea perfect for all occasions. Available in bulk and three packaged sizes [100 grams (200 cups), 200 grams (400 cups) and 500 grams (1000 cups)].